Talking to the stars has never been this enlightening. What is the purpose of life if not to wonder about humankind and roam? Why is everything getting darker day after day? It is also something to wonder about. He said he loved us. He surely loves his kids. But what about me? I am no […]

It has been a long time I have been wondering why I could not publish anything, as if I blocked every way of sharing; every way out of me. I even tried to read old posts I have here but I could not. That might be the problem with me. I can not do something […]


Museums preserve proofs of what Women have been bearing through time, traditions, cultures but there is still a lot to work on. The 25th of November marks the international day against violences on women. Years after years, numbers are not changing much. In France, a so-called “Land of Human Rights”, a supposed to be “developed […]

Do you hear bombs falling out there? Where will my Love lead me to? Truth hurts, reality isn’t fair. Will there be any Justice? For you, too. Today, He, She and They died. Death doesn’t care about Innocence. Never will, I, body and soul sit on the fence. Carelessness, Hatred, Hypocrisy. Justified? I am the […]

Me in Egypt

Cairo is a beloved place I called home the second my plane landed on the Egyptian soil. What about this place? How did I instantly fall in love with it? Was it just because I was experiencing real holydays for the first time ever? Or that total feeling of freedom, far from my parents and […]

For a first topic, I picked up homosexuality. I am an Arab woman who grew up with the Islamic and traditionnal background, with the: “Oh astaghfiru Llah! Close your eyes, don’t watch it’s HARAM!” and the “Aren’t you feeling ashamed of yourself, ha? With your very short dress, not even covering your knees?? It’s not […]

Hello world, hello friends :) This past few years have been emotionnally and physically rough which made a regular writing tough to follow up with. My previous project “The 365 Run” payed the price of it and ended up being abandonned. Though I need to keep regularly writing: to improve my personal level and style […]


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